Stuart Guest


Well as you can see my name is Stuart Guest, and I have been a parish councillor for over 10 years, so far to date I have served under 2 chairmen, 5 vice-chairmen, 3 clerks, 2 county councillors and 2 district councillors, and have worked alongside many councillors in my tenure.
I have lived in the village for 14 years (2 of them unofficially, when I lived on the RAF base)

My duties on the parish council include, Play Parks, Elderbank Hall (parish rep) parish path warden, inspector of village property and the most important one I feel is that I also oversee the village maintenance schedule, alongside all other councillors I am also a dog warden.

I live with Kirstie my long suffering other half, Kyle and Jamie, and not forgetting the dog,

I am always willing to receive feedback from parishioners, if they have any ideas or suggestions to improve the village, when you see me out and about just give me a shout.